CEO’s speech

Akos Doom has worked to develop consultative awareness of the Netherlands business community through four key values:


We feel great responsibility towards our customers. Through the confidence in our business, Akos Doom Consultancy has launched the follow-up and supervision of our consultancy and studies objectives to transform the concept of consulting from document recommendation theory into effective and realistic strategic partnership framework


We appreciate the great importance of the time element in the process of safe and effective investment decision making, reducing the risk ratios, and to provide them with the right investment start


We guide our clients to the right investment decision, and effective recommendations, with complete impartiality and with full faith that the only way to effectively manage the investment risk of our clients is transparency and neutrality in decision making standards


We are committed to maintaining the top confidentiality of the information and data of our customers, as they remain a private property of our customers, and no one is allowed to view or circulate them

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together