Quantitative Research

Face to face interviews

AKOS has several options for conducting quantitative research, including field interviews conducted by a specialized AKOS development team to collect data and information required, as the team has been trained in crisis management tools, methods of effectively dealing with the audience.

Telephone surveys

The telephone survey tool enables you to get the most interactive participation from the audience, and to provide the customer with complete freedom to present their point of view. This will help to create an accurate view of the product being explored.

Online surveys

Electronic surveys are one of the most efficient tools, which reach the highest percentage of the target population in the fastest and cheapest time, concerning any matter related to the service or product and their satisfaction with it because these surveys are easy to deploy and do not need to be returned to the sender through regular mailboxes, or by email, so AKOS provide this type of surveys to its customers in the quest to provide the best service.

Market scan of competitors

The field survey of competitors reveals to AKOS’s customers the target market and explains the best way to deal with it. AKOS provides this tool to its customers because of the company’s experience and knowledge of the market competition as a result of field research.

Mystery shopper

The experience has always been a testament to credibility. For this reason, AKOS provides a tool (the hidden agent) within its quantitative research tools, where one member of the research team, as a customer, deals with the competing companies to determine the satisfaction of the customer.


It’s an interview conducted by AKOS of another company, in which it investigates all the data and information required by the competing companies, such as prices, offers, quality and services associated with the sale process of payment facilitation and after-sales services.

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