Qualitative Research

In-depth interviews (IDI)

In-depth interviews are one of the services provided by AKOS to develop profits for its customers, and not only the company to observe the customers, but also with them dialogues and discussions about the product and everything that represents them, taking into account all the aspects that concern the consumer and is keen to question the product in question; At the end of these interviews, the general picture of customer satisfaction or discontent toward the direction of the product or the direction of the service provided to it is clarified, while the motives and underlying reasons explain this behavior of the customer towards the direction of the product or service.

Focus groups

A means of collecting data for monitoring, evaluation and development, provided by AKOS to its clients to discuss the mechanisms for the development of their companies and projects. These groups are to exchange ideas and observations, to get ideas and opinions, to propose ideas, and to recommend measures for corporate clients. They are conducted in two forms: one to manage a discussion among group members and the other to leave the group members free to discuss among themselves about the matter under discussion.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together