Desk Research

Official governmental reports

AKOS provides certified government reports issued by the competent government agencies according to the interest of its clients, such as: reports on the stock exchange, public markets, transaction price reports, reports of the Central Auditing Organization, etc.

Periodical scientific journals

AKOS provides its clients with access to specialized research published in newspapers, journals and periodicals to ensure coverage of all fields and systems during the research process.

Universities & NGO’s reports

AKOS provides its clients with full access to all reports issued by universities and non-profit organizations (NGOs). This allows the investment institutions to create a complete and clear picture of the technical aspects of the product or services, the methods of production or how to market them according to academic public opinion, and the latest developments in the direction of products or services to be provided.

Our knowledge capital in different economic sectors (Data Bank)

We are keen to provide the studies and research that enable customers to know the overall picture of the economic situation in the various investment sectors. In the light of this research, companies can understand how to deal with the development of profits, allowing them to enter the investment market with information and studies to feel the required amount of safety to start their projects.

Online published reports & studies

The comprehensive inventory of reports, studies and researches published on the Internet is one of the research offices provided by AKOS. We produce reports and research information (knowledge) about the different investment fields, from the limited benefit of public access to the latest in science and technology in various fields of investment. The contribution of this knowledge opens new horizons for customers to increase the profits of their projects.

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